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Accepted Transfer Student Checklist

You've been accepted! Now you will have to take some steps to complete your enrollment.

This list is meant to be an overview to help guide you in the process. You will need to manage most of these items through your My Cal Poly Portal.

Accept Your Offer of Admission

You will need to accept or decline Cal Poly’s offer of admission by 11:59 pm PT May 1. This will be done on the Student Center tab on your My Cal Poly Portal. Remember, you have been offered admission to the major stated on your Portal. It is not possible to change your major prior to enrollment at Cal Poly.

Read the Terms and Conditions of Admission

Once you accept our offer of admission, you should read through the Terms and Conditions of admission and make sure you stay in compliance.

Stay in Touch

Make sure you keep your personal info updated on your My Cal Poly Portal. Be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts list to ensure that you are getting all of our emails.

Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you haven’t already, submit the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application as soon as possible and have it sent to Cal Poly. Make sure you file by March 2 to maximize your potential aid and scholarship opportunities.

Review Costs of Attendance

Review Costs of Attendance for a breakdown of what you can expect to pay.

Find Housing

Cal Poly offers housing to transfer students based on demand and availability, but transfer students are not required to live on campus. The housing application will open in mid to late-March and is accessible through the Housing tab on the My Cal Poly Portal. Only students who accept their offer of admission will be able to apply for campus housing.

Interested in living off campus? Our Dean of Students has resources to help you with your search and learn about becoming a renter.

Choose a Meal Plan (optional)

Transfer students living either on or off campus have the option to choose a dining plan for the academic year.

Learn About Making Payments

You will be able to view your account information on the Money Matters tab or the Student Center on the My Cal Poly Portal. Cal Poly does not invoice or send paper statements, so you will need to monitor your account on a routine basis. The New Student Guide has more information on your student account and making payments.

Submit Transcripts and Other Documents

Cal Poly will need to receive an official transcript(s) that includes your work in progress as soon as you are accepted. You will need to submit your official, final transcript(s) by July 15. Some students may need to submit other documents and will be notified accordingly. 

Register for Orientation Programs

Transfer students are required to participate in new student orientation programs, Student Life Orientation Days (SLO Days) and the Week of Welcome (WOW).

  • SLO Days is a two-day program that introduces new students and their families to life as a college student and at Cal Poly. More information will be emailed to you prior to the event.
  • WOW is a program that allows you to connect with other students and your academic college. The program will be held right before classes begin.

Register for Classes

Transfer students register for classes in early to mid-August. You will receive more information about the process over the summer.

Immunization Requirements

All incoming students must satisfy the immunization requirements and complete the Tuberculosis Screening/Risk Assessment per Executive Order 803

California Residency

California law requires every student attending Cal Poly to be classified as either a California resident or nonresident for tuition purposes. This residency classification is important because nonresident students pay additional fees each quarter.

Connect with the Transfer Center

The Transfer Center provides resources and community to help you navigate personally, academically and professionally while you are at Cal Poly.

International Students will also need to:


We understand that the enrollment process may be daunting, and you may have some additional questions. Give the Admissions Office a call at (805) 756-2311 and we can help.