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Cost and Aid

Your cost to attend Cal Poly will vary depending on your program, residency status, and living arrangements. Our estimates represent the average cost for a student to attend Cal Poly for one academic year.

New Graduate Students

This estimate is for new students in most graduate and credential programs for the 2020/21 academic year with California residency. The Cost of Attendance page has a further breakdown for other programs, non-California residents and international students. 

Service or Items Graduate Programs Credential Programs
Registration Fees $11,577 $11,061
Room and Meals $15,705 $15,705
Books and Supplies $888 $888
Other Miscellaneous Expenses $2,190 $2,190
Total $30,360 $29,844

Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Cal Poly Financial Aid office can help you find ways to make your degree affordable. Cal Poly offers different types of financial aid for graduate students including scholarships, grants, loans and more. The types and amounts of aid Cal Poly will award you depends on the availability of funds, your enrollment status, and your financial need.

To be considered for most forms of financial aid and scholarships awarded by our office, you need to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You should submit your FAFSA as soon after October 1 as possible the year before you plan to enroll. California residents who aren’t eligible to file a FAFSA but meet AB 540 Status requirements should complete the California Dream Act Application instead. Some financial aid opportunities such as fee waivers and assistantships will have separate applications through their individual departments.