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Resources for StafF

Cal Poly offers many resources to help you get the most out of your job, both in and out of the office. Many more resources exist than are on this page. Make sure you check with your department and regularly check the Cal Poly Report for more resources and opportunities.

Administration & Finance

A&F provides foundational services across campus from HR to parking to facilities maintenance. Go to their website to access their many resources and learn more.

Explore the A&F website

Tech Services

From signing in to online services to checking out tech equipment to smart classrooms, ITS provides tech services and help across campus.

Find Tech Resources and Services

The Learning Hub

Access more than 75,000 workshops, courses, books and videos. You can also register for in-person workshops and track external training.

Visit the Learning Hub

Around Campus

From finding a parking spot to finding your next meeting to simply finding lunch, here's your guide to campus.

Tech and Facilities

Whether it's your computer or your department's bathroom, here's who to call when something breaks.

Workplace Support

We know you're a pro at your job's core duties. Here's where to go for info on everything else you need to get work done.

Payroll, Benefits and HR

Your guide to all the details about your position and compensation.

Beyond the Job

We’re not just a workplace — we’re a community. Here’s where to go to get more out of your Cal Poly connection.

Learning Something New

You work in a place of learning — might as well take advantage!