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Because Cal Poly receives more applications than spots available, we utilize a waitlist process for outstanding undergraduate applicants who are not selected through the initial selection process. Once we know how many students have accepted our initial offer of admission, we’ll use this list to fill any remaining spots.

When will I hear a final admission decision?

All waitlisted candidates will be notified of the final decision regarding their waitlist status by July 15.

How do you select people off the waitlist?

If you are on the waitlist, you will be considered for admission again if there are any additional openings in your major. There are no ‘rankings’ on the waitlist, and only the application materials that were reviewed initially will be used in any waitlist decisions.

Will housing still be available?

All first-year students are guaranteed housing, including those who were selected from the waitlist.

I have been admitted off the waitlist and want to change my major. Can I do that?

Your admission is major specific, and it is not possible to begin the process of changing your major until after you have completed your first quarter. At that time, you can contact the appropriate academic advising center to learn about your options.

What is redirection?

If you are a CSU-eligible California resident who has been waitlisted or denied admission to Cal Poly, you may have the opportunity to be redirected to a non-impacted campus. The CSU will inform you of available campuses via email.

If you receive a redirection message, your spot on the Cal Poly waitlist is still secured. If you choose to be redirected, your status on the waitlist at Cal Poly will NOT be impacted. You will be notified of your final waitlist status on your My Cal Poly Portal by July 15. If you are not selected off the waitlist, you will then have the opportunity to go to the redirected campus.

Should I accept admission at another school?

As it is impossible to predict future openings in specific major programs, we encourage you to give full consideration to your options at other institutions.

If I’m not offered admission off the waitlist, can I apply again?

Yes. If you aren’t offered admission off the waitlist, you can apply again in the future. Learn more about our transfer selection process.