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Internships and Co-ops

Real-World Opportunities

An internship or co-op is a position or opportunity that gives you practical, real-world experience related to your career goals. They can be paid or unpaid and many times, allow you to earn academic credit. 

Gain Experience

Internships can be a significant first step in your career. They allow you to gain critical job search and networking skills — and often lead to employment after graduation. In fact, roughly 63 percent of our recent graduates had their jobs lined up before they graduated, and many are at places where they interned.

Experience gained as an intern can make you more competitive in the job market, build your resume, and increase your starting salary. Internships also allow you to test career paths and adjust your educational plan to line up with your future goals.

Students gain hands-on experience in a variety of disciplines

a variety of placements

The hands-on nature of our Learn by Doing philosophy prepares you for highly-coveted co-op and internship positions. Our students have held internships and co-ops in a wide variety of companies, non-profits and organizations including Apple, Amazon, Disney, Brightview, the National Park Service, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and more.

Finding an Internship

Internships and co-ops are an important part of your education. Many of our majors require an internship before graduation and we have resources to help you find a position.  

Career Services staff works with a student at a resume clinic

Career Services

Career Services offers resources that can assist you in finding jobs and internships including a listing of available positions. They also offer services such as career counseling, interview and resume help, a business clothing closet and more.

The fall career fair offers access to a large number of employers

Career Fairs

A variety of career fairs are offered every quarter and offer you the opportunity to network and meet face to face with employers in order to learn about potential jobs and internships.

College and department offices support students with a variety of services.

Colleges and Departments

Many colleges and departments also maintain listings of internship opportunities that are applicable to their students. Your college or department may also be available to help in your search and will have the paperwork you will need to complete in order to receive credit for your internship.