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Application Guide for Graduate Students

We have compiled this information to guide you through each section of the Cal State Apply application.  Within the application, you can also navigate to the blue question circle in the upper right corner for more detailed instructions. Additional resources are also available directly through Cal State Apply.

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Getting Started

Browser Preferences

Use Google Chrome or Firefox to complete your application. Internet Explorer or Safari are not recommended for Cal State Apply. You must disable your pop-up blocker.

Creating Your Account

  • Sign in or create an account. 
  • In Complete Your Profile, choose “Graduate,” and then choose the option that applies to you. Complete the following questions and follow the prompt to the next screen.
  • Do NOT answer "yes" to the question regarding previously attended CSUs unless you are applying to a graduate program you have already started and need to complete. 
  • Select "Cal Poly Graduate" as the campus from the drop-down menu. You can also search for Cal Poly (do not search for San Luis Obispo), or click on "Filter" and choose "Cal Poly San Luis Obispo" under the campus selection. 

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Section 1

Personal Information

Complete all sections using your full legal name as it will appear on your test scores, transcripts and government issued documents.

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Section 2

Academic History

Colleges Attended

Enter all colleges you have attended.

GPA Entries

Enter the credit hours and GPA for each college attended. This information should be located at the bottom of each college transcript. The quality points will auto-populate based on your entries.

Standardized Tests

Graduate applicants are not required to enter SAT or ACT score information. Enter all other test scores including GRE (if applicable). Please reach out to the graduate coordinator of your program for further information regarding GRE requirements. 

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Section 3

Supporting Information

Enter your relevant work experience history in the Experiences section.

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Section 4

Program Materials

There are up to four tabs on this screen which need to be reviewed.

  • The Home tab is a synopsis of the program to which you are applying.
  • On the Questions tab, answer all questions on this tab as directed. 
  • On the Documents tab, click on Supplemental Materials to upload any additional or required documents. These may include CV/Resume, Personal Statement, and any other supplemental materials listed on your program's website. For further information on your program requirements please contact the graduate coordinator of your program
  • You must send official transcripts from the institution that granted, or will grant, your Bachelor's degree by the application deadline
  • If your program requires it, submit the information for up to three recommenders on the Recommendations tab. Contact your graduate coordinator to find out how many recommendations your program requires. The individuals you list in this section of the application will receive an email on your behalf with information on providing these to Cal Poly. We recommend you advise each evaluator to watch for this email and check spam and junk-mail folders. 

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You must pay the campus application fee at the time you submit. If you do not currently own a credit card, the system will accept a pre-paid credit card.