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Our core philosophy

Since 1901

Learn by Doing means that we don’t see a difference between the education we provide and the “real world.” Here, experiences are part of the curriculum. That’s because knowledge is inextricably linked to the world around us. To learn is to do. To do is to learn. At Cal Poly, each fuels the other.

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Students sits inside an airplane during an AERO lab.

Our Impact

Cal Poly students, faculty and staff are constantly playing an active part in helping solve some of California’s — and the world’s — most complex challenges. 

Simplifying COVID-19 Testing

The saliva-based testing system developed by two faculty members will go to market thanks to a local partnership.

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Reading Between Party Lines

Political science student Desiree Nunes dealt with everything from immigration to infrastructure while interning for the Speaker of the House.

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Six Colleges, One Unifying Philosophy.

Cal Poly's six academic colleges offer more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors as well as over 50 graduate programs. Regardless of college, all of our programs emphasize hands-on learning and real-world experience in their curriculum. 

Cal Poly is building a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus community to prepare students for the future.

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