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Welcome to Cal Poly

Once you have an offer of admission, choosing which college to attend is a big decision. We want to help you make an informed one.

Learn by Doing — putting knowledge into action— is everything at Cal Poly. We did it first, and we do it best. Since 1901, it has been at the center of what our students experience here, and it's what they say makes their time at Cal Poly so valuable. 


how You'll learn

Learn by Doing sets us apart from other colleges and universities. In classes, projects, labs and other academic pursuits, you'll actively engage through hands-on, real-world experiences building both your knowledge and your skill and transforming you into a proactive, whole-systems thinker.

 Explore Learn by Doing

Students from Biology, Marine Science, and Animal Science take part in the Cal Poly Scientific Diving Course. Taught through the Biology Department students learn both theoretical and practical aspects of diving. In the classroom, students study diving physics & physiology, decompression theory,  the history of the AAUS, and underwater data collection techniques.

Real World Impact

Learn by Doing readies students to make an immediate impact in their careers. From day one on campus, you play an active role in helping to answer humanity’s most enduring questions and solve California’s — and the world’s — most pressing challenges.

Ensuring Climate Resiliency

Student and faculty researchers collaborate with local stakeholders on climate-smart solutions to support a strong and sustainable “blue economy” in California.

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Saving Mothers’ Lives

A former student’s senior project to treat postpartum hemorrhaging — the world’s leading direct cause of maternal death —receives clearance by the Food and Drug Administration.

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how You'll live

Exploring every angle is essential to who we are. That applies not only to your classwork, but also to the perspectives of people we meet and the activities we do. We want to give you the opportunity to explore this diverse world, embrace new ideas, make new friends and discover new interests.

Looking into the inside of a common room in the yakʔitʸutʸu residential community at night.

Housing and Dining

Along with becoming a part of an active and supportive community, living on campus will give you easy access to all of the delicious options in our brand-new dining complex.

SLO GLO, a student glow-in-the-dark flow arts club, practices their art on the beach.

Clubs and Organizations

You have passions that fuel and enhance your life. We have over 400 student clubs and organizations to help you indulge them.

A tennis player holds a racket and celebrates a shot taken.

Athletics and Recreation

From competitive sports to our world-class rec center to access to the great outdoors, there are many opportunities to play as hard as you work.

The world is diverse. We want to make sure our campus reflects that and is a safe space for you to be yourself and connect with others.

Cultural Resources

where You Can go

All the hands-on opportunities you’ll have throughout your years at Cal Poly will add up to a level of experience that will be unmatched by your peers  — and in high demand by employers. Learn by Doing makes sure that when you graduate, you’ll be a resourceful and innovative professional, prepared to take the lead in discovering solutions yourself.

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