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If you have been classified as a nonresident, you may seek reclassification for any subsequent term. The three requirements to be considered for residency reclassification are:

  1. Physical Presence: You must be physically present in California one year prior to the Residence Determination Date for the term for which you request resident status.
  2. Intent: You must demonstrate your intent to make California your permanent home one year prior to the Residence Determination Date (RDD) for the quarter to which you are applying for reclassification.
  3. Financial Independence: As outlined in Title 5 CCR §41905.5, to prove yourself financially independent from your parent(s), regardless whether your parent(s) is(are) a California resident or nonresident, you must meet all of the following requirements:
    • You have not and will not be claimed as an exemption for state and federal tax purposes by your parent(s) in the calendar year the reclassification application is made and in any of the three calendar years prior to the reclassification application.
    • You have not and will not receive more than $750 per year in financial assistance from your parent(s), including financial aid loans for tuition purposes, in the calendar year the reclassification application is made and in any of the three calendar years prior to the reclassification application.
    • You have not lived and will not live for more than six weeks in the home of your parent(s) during the calendar year the reclassification application is made and in any of the three calendar years prior to the reclassification application.

You do not have to meet the financial independence requirement if you meet at least one of the following criteria.  

  • Dependent on a parent who has California residence for more than one year immediately preceding the residence determination date;
  • Enrolled in a graduate or post‐baccalaureate program, regardless of age;
  • Turned 24 years of age by the residence determination date;
  • Married or registered domestic partner as of the residence determination date;
  • Active duty members serving in the U.S Armed Forces
  • Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Have a legal dependent other than spouse or registered domestic partner
  • Former ward of the court, foster youth or both parents are deceased
  • Declared by a court to be an emancipated minor
  • Unaccompanied youth who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless 

In addition to the documents listed below, you'll need to provide supporting documents (e.g. state income tax returns, court documents, marriage certificate, military order form) that demonstrate you meet the above criteria to the Admissions Office.

If you are financially dependent on nonresident parents, you are not eligible for reclassification. As with the initial residence classification, Cal Poly will review information you provide in connection with any subsequent reclassification request and notify you of the decision. If reclassification is denied, you have the right to appeal if you meet the criteria for appeals.

Residence Determination Dates (RDD)

Quarter Determination Date
Fall September 20
Winter January 5
Spring April 1
Summer July 1

Reclassification Process

Submit Reclassification Form and Documents

If you believe you qualify to be reclassified as a California resident, complete the CSU Residence Questionnaire and the Cal Poly Supplemental Residence Reclassification Request Form, and submit it with the following supporting documentation by the submission deadline indicated below. A minimum of three documents is required, one from List A and the other two from either List A or List B.

List A

  • California State Income Tax Return
  • Ownership of residential property as a primary residence in California (must meet RDD) 
  • Continuous occupancy of rented or leased property in California (must meet RDD)
  • Obtaining a California Driver's License or Identification card (must meet RDD)
  • Registering to vote and voting history (must meet RDD)
  • Registering a motor vehicle operated in California (must meet RDD)
  • Permanent military address or home of record on military records (must meet RDD)
  • Receipt of California state services (e.g. unemployment, disability, CalFresh) (must meet RDD)
  • Payment of nonresident tuition at an out-of-state institution if attended within the past year

List B

  • Federal Income Tax Return with a California address
  • Utility bill (e.g. cell phone, gas, electrical) with same California address (must meet RDD and only one utility bill will be accepted)
  • Maintaining active-resident memberships in professional organization (e.g. police union, teacher's union) (must meet RDD)
  • Maintaining an active bank account with a California address (must meet RDD)
  • Employment in California (e.g. verification of employment, W-2, pay stubs) (must meet RDD)
  • Vehicle insurance with a California address (student must be listed in the policy) (must meet RDD)
  • Selective Service registration with a California address
  • Court documents (e.g. ward of the court, divorce decree or child support)

You may be asked to provide other documentation to clarify or verify your reclassification. Failure to provide these documents, or submitting incomplete Residency Reclassification Request Forms will significantly delay the reclassification process and may result in a denial of reclassification.

Submit the completed questionnaire and any requested supplemental documents here


Fall October 20
Winter February 15
Spring May 1
Summer August 1

Processing Timeline

Residency reclassification requests take approximately three to four weeks to process. You are encouraged to submit reclassification requests during the quarter prior to the requested reclassification term, but no later than the submission deadline.

Processing of reclassification requests submitted during the requested quarter may not be processed in time to avoid non-resident tuition fees from being assessed. Until a decision is made, you will remain classified as a nonresident and are responsible for timely payments of nonresident fees.

If you are approved for reclassification, it may affect financial aid disbursement or awards and may result in the need for repayment of funds already received. Contact Financial Aid at 805-756-2927 for specific details.

If you are denied for reclassification, Cal Poly will notify you. You will have the right to appeal to the California State University Chancellor’s Office.