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Initial Classification

Once you decide to attend Cal Poly, we will determine your residency status. If you are under the age of 19 (with limited exceptions), your status is derived from the parent or legal guardian with whom you reside.

Residency Requirements

There are several requirements you must fulfill in order to be a California resident for purposes of tuition at Cal Poly. These requirements must be met by the residence determination date of the term for which you request a resident classification.

  1. Physical Presence: You (or your parent/guardian if you are under 19) must be physically present in California at least one year prior to the Residence Determination Date of the quarter for which you plan to enroll.
  2. Intent: You (or your parent/guardian if you are under 19) must demonstrate intent to make California your permanent home and that all ties with the former state or country of residence have been severed for a minimum of one year and one day prior to the Residence Determination Date. Proofs of intent can include, but are not limited to:
    • Registering to vote and voting in California
    • Registering a motor vehicle owned or operated in California
    • Obtaining a California driver’s license or ID card
    • Filing a resident or nonresident state personal income tax return
    • Establishing a permanent residence in California
    • Maintaining an active bank account with a bank that has a California branch

Residence Determination Dates

Quarter Determination Date
Fall September 20
Winter January 5
Spring April 1
Summer July 1

CSU Residence Questionnaire

If you believe you qualify to be initially classified as a California resident, complete the following steps

  1. Complete a CSU Residence Questionnaire.
  2. Submit the completed questionnaire.

The burden of proof of residency rests solely with the student. If additional information is required, you will be contacted by letter or email with further instructions. If you do not qualify as California residents for tuition purposes, you will be notified in writing and given the opportunity to appeal to the California State University Chancellor’s Office.