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Terms and Conditions for First-Year Students

By accepting our offer of admission, you are making a commitment to attend Cal Poly and are required to meet the following Terms and Conditions. While we don’t want to rescind anyone’s offer of admission, any failure to meet these requirements may lead to your admission being canceled.

You agree to:

  • Send your official, final, high school transcript(s) with confirmation of your graduation as soon as they are available but no later than July 15.
  • Complete all coursework designated on your application, including those listed as "in progress" or "planned," with a grade of C (or better) no later than the previous Spring Term for admission for the Fall Term.
  • Complete each term in your senior year with an overall 3.0 GPA in your College Prep Coursework.
  • Maintain the academic standard that allowed for your admission.
  • Participate in SLO Days and WOW orientation programs. Register for both orientation programs as soon as you can for your best options.
  • Live on campus during at least your first year. You must complete the housing application or request a waiver no later than June 1. The following colleges and programs have a two-year requirement:
    • Cal Poly Scholars
    • College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science
    • College of Architecture and Environmental Design
    • College of Engineering
    • Student Athletes
  • Enroll in and complete coursework at Cal Poly during the fall quarter and remain eligible to enroll for subsequent quarters.

You understand that:

  • You have been offered admission to the major displayed in your Student Center on your My Cal Poly Portal. It is not possible to change your major prior to enrollment at Cal Poly, and it may not be possible to change your major, once enrolled.
  • You will be required to enroll in and complete your first term, including coursework in your declared major. If you do not enroll in the quarter in which you were offered admission, your admission will be cancelled. Please make sure you are committed to your declared major prior to accepting our offer of admission.
  • Any discrepancy between the information you self-reported on your application and your transcripts or supporting documents will prompt an individual review of your admission file which may result in your admission being rescinded. Should any of your self-reported information be unable to pass verification from your transcript(s), your admission will be canceled.
  • Your tuition residency status is subject to verification — if you believe your residency status is incorrect, contact the Admissions office.
  • You are subject to Cal Poly’s Standard for Student Conduct.

If you are an International Student, you must also:

  • Maintain your visa status.
  • If you are currently attending an institution in the United States, you arrange to have that institution release your SEVIS record which will allow Cal Poly to issue your I-20. Cal Poly’s SEVIS School Code is: LOS214F00093000.
  • Purchase sufficient health insurance for the academic year.