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Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a financial aid recipient, you have certain rights and responsibilities and should be well informed of how the financial aid process works.

You Have the Right to Know:

  • What financial assistance is available for Cal Poly Students.
  • The deadlines for submitting applications for financial aid programs.
  • The cost of attending Cal Poly.
  • How your financial aid application was analyzed and your award was determined using the standard need analysis.
  • If your financial aid will sufficiently cover your costs.
  • The portion of the financial aid you receive that must be repaid and what portion is considered a gift.
  • That grants and scholarships are considered taxable income.
  • Your loan repayment terms, including the interest rate, total amount to be repaid and procedure for repayment.
  • How you will receive your aid each quarter.
  • Financial Aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and the consequences of failing to maintain satisfactory progress.
  • That your financial aid information is kept confidential.
  • That you may request a review of your financial aid application.

You Are Responsible for and Required To:

  • Complete all application forms accurately. Misrepresented information on financial aid applications is a violation of federal law and is considered a criminal offense.
  • Be aware of and meet all financial aid application deadlines.
  • Assume responsibility for repayment of all loans accepted.
  • Complete mandatory loan entrance and exit counseling if you have accepted any loans.
  • Maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • Know the changes that might affect your financial aid including the repayment policy if you withdraw.
  • Return any additional documentation, verification, or corrections requested.
  • Submit all required documents no later than the last day of your enrollment during the academic year.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office if you will not attend a quarter, if you change your name, address, marital status, or number of dependents, if you receive an outside scholarship, and if there are changes in resources available to you.

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