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Determining What Aid to Accept

Your Financial Aid award letter will reflect all federal, state, and university offers of aid, including scholarships, grants, loans and work-study.

Accepting or Declining Your Aid

You will need to accept or decline scholarships, loans and work-study that is offered to you. We automatically accept grant aid for you, as we assume that you want all the grant money you are offered. Cal Poly scholarships must be accepted to confirm that you want the scholarship and will abide by the scholarship conditions.

You will accept/decline your aid in the top right corner on the Money Matters tab of your My Cal Poly Portal. If you do not want the maximum loan offered, you can reduce the award amount you want to accept.

Need more help finding your award and learning how to read it? These videos can help.

Reporting Outside Scholarships

If you receive financial aid and are awarded any scholarships from any community or private sources, the federal government requires you to notify our Financial Aid Office of the scholarship and amount.

Unit Requirements

Financial Aid is based on full-time enrollment of 12 units/quarter for undergraduates and teaching credential candidates, and 8 units/quarter for graduate students. Your award amount may change or be delayed if you reduce your units, change residency status or require an award revision due to receipt of aid from other sources.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

If you accept financial aid, you agree to our student rights and responsibilities.