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Athletic Grant-in-Aid

Cal Poly Athletics offers Athletic Grant-in-Aid to students participating on NCAA athletic teams. Decisions are made by coaches and offers are made directly to student-athletes.

Student Athletes Receiving Athletic Aid

If you receive Athletic Aid, you can still apply for other forms of financial aid such as grants or loans by completing a FAFSA or California Dream Act application. Any financial aid must be coordinated with athletic aid so it does not exceed Cost of Attendance.

Receiving Your Aid

Athletic aid gets posted in July after you may have already been offered other forms of financial aid. When we get the list of students with athletic aid, the Financial Aid Office automatically adjusts any loans or grants to meet federal, state and NCAA rules. You must be enrolled full-time to receive athletic aid, unless it’s your final quarter before graduation.

Incoming student athletes have to complete NCAA clearance before receiving their aid.

Until the clearance is confirmed by the Athletic Compliance Office, your athletic aid remains in “offer” status. We will change the status when Athletics confirms your NCAA clearance.

Athletic Aid for Housing and Dining

If you’re using your athletic aid to pay for housing and dining, contact the Student Accounts Office. They can explain how your athletic aid impacts your payments.

If you have questions about athletic aid, you should contact the Cal Poly Athletic Department Compliance Office at 805-756-2900.