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Gallery Space: Highlights of CAED Students' Work During the Last Quarter

Students engage with Cal Poly architecture diorama project "Cloud 9."
Written By Madison Vernon

The College of Architecture and Design's new social media series, "Gallery Space," features the entire lifecycle of student projects, including sketches, design iterations, digital renderings, site mapping and diagramming, structural experiments, images of final products, and anything else that comes from their work. Browse the galleries below to see more—and if you're a student, click here to submit to be highlighted.


Infrastructures of Dust by Alexander Urasaki speculates on a robotic ambulatory high-rise, designed to revitalize the dry lakebed of Owens Lake and reinstate economic and environmental resilience to the area through the process of dust collection and cloud seeding. Basing its scope on the outline of Owens Lake, this project proposes the replicable model of an alternate approach to ecology and infrastructure, one that, through blending organic and mechanical functionality, can opportunistically tackle the growing global issues of increasing water scarcity and dust pollution.

Advisor: Karen Lange
Independent Study


Landscape architecture students partnered with Swanton Pacific Ranch last quarter to create potential designs to be considered during the reconstruction of the ranch following the CZU Lightening Complex fire in 2020. The four student groups presented their projects in the Advanced Technology Lab to a host of experts in landscape architecture and habitat restoration.

Professor: Miran Jung Day
Class: LA403 Natural Systems Design Studio


On Cloud 9 was an interactive diorama show, resulting from a fifth year architecture thesis studio, led by professor Brian Osborn. The collection of clouds featured windows into 18 unique worlds through a representational diorama format that drew from an entire quarter of collecting, making, and writing based upon the individual interests of the students involved. Often used in an effort to educate, dioramas work to portray a particular reality, represent virtues, and model behavior.

Students: Dillin Ambrose, Kate Black, Audrey Bolesta , Fia Clementi, Gabe Cobian, Blake Hosmer, Jen Jaing, Grace Johnson, Michael Kim, Dara Lin, Annie Martinez, Karan Mehta, Julieta Moreno, Isha Sharma, Amy Tang , Arjun Urbonas, Ben Vargas, and Len Zolnikov

Professor: Brian Osborn
Photos by Josef Kasperovich


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