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Here Are The Top Photos of 2022

Students set up a spherical structure at Poly Canyon.
Written By Gabby Ferreira // Photos by Joe Johnston and Dylan Head

It’s been one heck of a year at Cal Poly — and through it all, our students, faculty and staff have worked hard to learn, experience, research and have fun. The Cal Poly News staff went through our photo archives to choose the photos we felt best represented 2022. See them all below.


Students explore tide pools in Montaña de Oro State Park.

Students in Biological Sciences professor Sean Lema’s MSCI 300 - Marine Ecology class visit the tide pools at Montaña de Oro State Park during one of the class’s field trips. 


Students breakdance during a Cal Poly admissions event with local middle schoolers.

Students perform during a college readiness event with local middle schoolers.


First-year architecture students with wooden models they created that rest on concrete steps.

First-year architecture students created wooden models of their designs for the first year design and visual communication studio.

Sheep graze in a field on campus with Bishop Peak in the background.

Sheep graze in a field on campus with Bishop Peak in the background.

Masked students dance on a stage with a choir behind them.

A scene from a rehearsal for Cal Poly Choirs' winter concert, which involved students from the Theatre and Dance departments along with students from the Liberal Arts and Engineering Studies Program. 

Cal Poly baseball player Brooks Lee and his dad, Larry Lee, wear their uniforms and walk together across the baseball diamond.

Third-generation Mustang and MLB draft pick Brooks Lee walks across the field at Baggett Stadium with his dad, baseball head coach Larry Lee. 


Alumnus Victor Glover visits with two female students at the Cal Poly Aero Hanger Machine Shop during his visit to campus in April.

NASA astronaut and alumnus Victor Glover chats with students during a tour of the Cal Poly Aero Hanger Machine Shop.

Cal Poly band members dance during a performance at Open House.

Cal Poly band members dance during a performance at Open House.

Architecture students set up a wooden spherical structure in Poly Canyon during design village.

Architecture students set up a structure in Poly Canyon during the first Design Village event since 2019.


Two architecture students look at an exhibit they constructed.

Students from Doug Jackson's architecture thesis design studio presented their senior theses in an exhibition entitled "LINKS!" in the Berg Gallery.


Students in green graduation robes stand at the commencement ceremony while green and gold streamers fly around.

Green and gold streamers rain down around recent graduates during the spring commencement ceremony.

A professor talks to high school students as they explore tide pools in Cayucos as part of an outreach program.

Nikki Adams, a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences speaks with visiting students from Lindsay High School in the Central Valley as they explore tide pools in Cayucos during an outreach program.


Two students hang off of a wooden pier as they check a scientific instrument.

Engineering students work with civil engineering professor Stefan Talke to develop low-cost wave and tide sensors as part of a summer undergraduate research program. 


Two students work with organic plants in a greenhouse.

Students Caleb Miller, left, and Tyler Smith, right, conducted a summer undergraduate research project related to organic fertilizers.

Cal Poly football players practice at Spanos Stadium.

Cal Poly football players run through a morning practice on the new artificial turf at Alex G. Spanos Stadium.


​​​​​​​Wine and viticulture students use a de stemmer machine to process grapes into wine.​​​​​​​

Wine and viticulture students process grapes harvested from Cal Poly's Trestle Vineyard.

Students using umbrellas walk past a large puddle on campus.

The first day of fall quarter got off to an uncharacteristically rainy start. Students don rain gear as they walk around campus.


A goat stares at the camera as a student uses a needle to give it a vaccination.

A goat mugs for the camera as a student holds it in place so the goat can receive a vaccination.

Students in light pink dresses perform a dance while flower petals float around them.

Student performers during the annual Culturefest celebration.


Students congregate at an ofrenda, or altar, for dia de los muertos in the university union plaza.

Cal Poly celebrated Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead — a holiday observed by Mexican communities that honors the memories of loved ones. At the University Union Plaza students built memorials for their loved ones on altars, or ofrendas.

Students wearing safety gear pour sacks of sugar into a batch of jam.

Food science students pour sugar into a vat of blackberry jam. Under the supervision of faculty and staff, students design, produce, package and market products that will then be sold to the public.


Students eating food and enjoying each other's company at the newly-opened latinx center.

Students eat Salvadorean food from a local restaurant and enjoy finals goodie bags at the Latinx/e Center for Academic Success and Achievement, known as La CASA, which opened in November.

A white lab in a service dog vest and graduation cap walks at the fall commencement ceremony.

A service dog earned a round of "ap-paws" as it walked with its owner during the fall commencement ceremony.