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College of Science and Mathematics

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting data using visualizations and models to help others make informed decisions. Statisticians find meaning in the data by looking at representative samples in order to make inferences about the whole. Statistics provides the foundation for data science and is important in many fields as different as retail sales, insurance and scientific research.

San Luis Obispo, California

Course work provides a mix of applied statistical methods, mathematical theory and computational thinking and coding. Oral and written communication skills are also stressed because of their importance to statistical consulting. 

Statistics Curriculum

The statistics major includes hands-on experience in programming and statistical consulting. Courses include:

  • Statistical Computing with R
  • Statistical Computing with SAS
  • Statistical Consulting

About the Program

With a degree in statistics, you’ll gain the ability to analyze and draw insights from data, a skill that is more valuable than ever.

You will learn the mathematical underpinnings of statistical methods such as regression and time series techniques, and how to apply those methods to analyze various types of data. Computational thinking and developing coding skills with a variety of software packages is also an important part of the program. By analyzing real data from genuine studies, you will gain experience using statistical software and writing technical reports with a real-world impact.

Learn by Doing

From conducting statistical investigations to asking questions and designing studies through drawing conclusions and communicating results, you will engage in the statistical process. The department runs a statistical consulting service, allowing you opportunities to provide support for research projects across campus. You will analyze data from actual studies, crunch the numbers by writing your own code, and create technical reports to help your clients reach more informed decisions that will make an impact in California and around the world.

Statistics Professor Beth Chance with student

Engage in Statistical Consulting

Work with real clients to help them improve their business decisions.

Our Graduates

Employment prospects for professionals with skills in statistics and data science are bright and statisticians are among the top ten fastest-growing professions.

Our graduates receive job offers from industry-leading companies in fields as varied as banking, social media, retail, entertainment, insurance, education and pharmaceutical development.