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College of Liberal Arts

With an estimated 450 million Spanish speakers worldwide and growing Latinx populations in every state, advanced Spanish language skills and cultural competence are an asset.

San Luis Obispo, California

The program includes courses in language, literature, film, art, business, philosophy and more to allow you to develop communicative and intercultural competency in Spanish.

Spanish Curriculum

World Languages Center

The World Languages Center is a digital language laboratory and multimedia teaching facility. It is used for class activities, presentations, workshops, language and culture club events, and for drop-in language practice with native and near-native speakers.

About the Program

Summer Study Abroad students in Mexico

In this program, you will develop written and spoken fluency in Spanish, as well as gain perspective on the cultural and history of the Spanish speaking world.

We work closely with you to integrate study abroad experiences, internships and/or service-learning experiences into your degree. In collaboration with the School of Education, our department also can prepare you for the California single-subject World Languages Teaching Credential.

Learn by Doing

From engaging in study abroad to volunteering at a local Spanish-speaking nonprofit, you will be engaged in opportunities that will help you learn to effectively communicate in Spanish. Practicing your language skills in real-world situations will allow you to expand your bilingual abilities, to learn to think critically and creatively in Spanish and to negotiate meaning between Spanish and English.

800 x 450 FPO

Teach Kids Spanish

Help grade-school children learn Spanish at the local bilingual elementary school.

Our Graduates

Our graduates have found successful careers in education, international business, finance, nonprofit agencies, viticulture and government service. Others have attended graduate and professional schools in various fields, including languages and literatures, linguistics, speech pathology, law, medicine and engineering.