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College of Liberal Arts

Psychology is the study of cognition, behavior and emotion and the relationships between these factors within both global and multicultural contexts. 

San Luis Obispo, California

Psychology includes the investigation of mental health and counseling, emotions and stress, personality, brain functioning, abnormal functioning, group processes, gender, race and other issues related to social identity, memory, cognitive processes, learning and development throughout all stages of life.

Psychology Curriculum

Quantitative Research Methods

Using statistical analysis software, you will learn how to choose, conduct and interpret analyses of research data from different behavioral science disciplines.

About the Program

Psychology students presenting research project findings

Psychology offers a broad preparation in psychological and developmental science and is dedicated to enhancing the health of diverse individuals, families and communities.

Along with theoretical approaches, you will also learn research techniques and experience time in the lab and in the field with an internship. These hands-on opportunities give you the experience, skills and knowledge you will need to become competent and ethical professionals who serve the growing multicultural population of California and the nation.

Learn by Doing

Whether you are in the lab studying emotional responses to triggering material or working in the on-campus community counseling clinic, you will be engaged in the real-world practice of psychology. Beyond lab and research opportunities, all of our majors are required to complete an internship in the community. This could mean working at the mental health hotline or providing emotional support and companionship to hospice patients.

Cal Poly Psychology major students in discussion

Become a Mentor

Utilize your counseling skills to help other students through their academic and personal goals.

Our Graduates

Psychology graduates are prepared to succeed in a number of fields including human services, research and education in California and around the world. Our alumni excel in many careers – counseling, law enforcement, psychotherapy, data analysis, art and music therapy, teaching and many more.