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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Mathematics is much more than the manipulation of numbers. Problem-solving, rigorous analysis, logical reasoning, modeling real-world systems — these are the skills and interests of a math major.

San Luis Obispo, California

As a math major, you will take a core of foundational and advanced mathematics classes. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility to select electives in your area of interest in math and other related disciplines. The program requires a capstone experience and provides opportunities for independent research under faculty guidance.

Mathematics Curriculum

Applied Mathematics

This concentration focuses on how mathematics is applied to other disciplines or industry and requires a minimum of 12 units of directed study outside the Math Department to explore those applications. If you’re interested in a career or advanced study in fields such as engineering, data analytics, statistics, physics, aeronautics, finance, actuarial science, biology, medicine or the geosciences, you might pursue this concentration.

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Mathematics Teaching

This concentration focuses on the mathematics you need to know for teaching. If you choose this concentration, you’ll be prepared for a teaching credential program for high school math or to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics education.

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Pure Mathematics

The broad and rigorous concentration in pure mathematics is designed for those who will pursue an advanced degree in mathematics or those who choose careers requiring significant mathematical training. Graduates with this concentration are well prepared to enter graduate programs in mathematics and capable of bringing a broad range of mathematical skills and expertise to a wide range of careers.

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Mathematics majors are able to participate in a blended program where you can earn your bachelor's and master's degrees at the same time.

Mathematics majors may apply for the blended program after completing at least two upper-division mathematics classes and must apply before you have completed 180 units. The ideal time to apply is at the beginning of your senior year after completing at least Math 481 or Math 412.

BS Mathematics and MS Mathematics

About the Program

Student works on math problem on a whiteboard.

The program provides a rich and rigorous mathematics education that allows you to learn how to use math to tackle some of the world's most complex problems.

You will learn to work with other disciplines such as the physical sciences, engineering and business to solve and understand natural and unnatural phenomenon. As an undergraduate math student, you will have the opportunity to engage in faculty-mentored research in many areas, such as pure mathematical questions or the most effective ways for students to learn mathematics.

Learn by Doing

Math is best learned by doing math: solving problems, exploring theories, proving theorems and working on a problem that hasn't been proven - yet. You may work on making models to explain and predict real world data - then act on those predictions. Future math teachers will also have the chance to get into a California classroom and discover firsthand how high school students learn math.

Mathematics student explaining his mathematical model to others.

Create Mathematical Models

Analyze real-world problem and use mathematical models to propose possible solutions.

Our Graduates

Mathematics graduates are highly sought after for their strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Our graduates are actively recruited by many companies to become systems engineers, actuaries, computer programmers, software engineers and financial and data analysts. They also go on to teach middle or high school math or pursue graduate studies.