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Latinx Student Resource Guide

Academic Support

Learn by Doing defines Cal Poly academics. There are a wide range of academic support services such as tutoring, advising, presentation and essay help, and more to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources.

Multicultural Engineering Program 

The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) provides academic, personal and professional support services to underrepresented engineering students. Through academic advising, tutoring, a 24-hour study and computer lab, networking and mentorship opportunities and more, MEP is a resource that can help you build community and feel supported throughout your academic career. 

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Exterior of the Bonderson Engineering Project Center.

Academic Advising

Our advising centers can you help you plan your schedule, plan and track your degree progress, change your major and more. 

First-Generation Student Resources

First-generation students can find campus resources and support as well as connections to the broader first-gen community at Cal Poly.

Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services provides a network of services and programs to help you achieve academic success.

Francis Villablanca, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor | Biology Sciences

I really enjoy reaching out to and advising Latinx students, plus just holding space for them. I was once a transfer student, who eventually found a passion for research and teaching as I worked my way through school. Back in those days no one knew I was bi-cultural, bi-lingual, and was letting them butcher my last name. It was a liability. Today, I unabashedly express my identity. My intent is to help students recognize that I understand where they are coming from, while advocating for Latinx and Indigenous communities, and the transformative role of education. By being present I hope they can see some of themselves in me, and some of themselves at this institution.

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Career & Professional Development

Resources, training and advice are available to help you reach your professional goals. Our campus organizations offer career advising and exploration, job and internship placement, career fairs, professional development, mentorship opportunities, mock interviews, resume review and more.

Spanish Debate Team

The Spanish Language Debate Team encourages critical thinking, reasoning and public speaking skills in multiple languages and competes at a national level. 

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers provides opportunities for academic, professional and personal growth for its members.

Latinx Business Student Association

The Latinx Business Student Association connects business students with each other to build community, enhance skillsets, grow networks and stay connected. 

Chicanx Latinx Faculty Staff Association

The Association provides an atmosphere of support, advocacy, understanding and "familia" among Chicana Latino faculty, staff and the wider university community.

Latinos in Agriculture

Latinos in Agriculture empowers minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences by promoting and providing opportunities for academic and professional advancement. 

Career Services

Career Services contains resources that can assist you in finding jobs and internships as well as offers career counseling, interview and resume help and more. 

Clubs and Community

There are a variety of places, groups and organizations on our campus that provide a supportive environment for you to connect and build your community.

Latinx Cultural Association

The newly established Latinx Cultural Association provides a safe and welcoming environment for all to learn, share and experience Latinx culture and practices. Meetings and events are a great place to be yourself, meet new people and create community.

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Latinx Cultural Association members sell fruit at Culturefest.

Student Diversity and Belonging

Student Diversity and Belonging is a coalition of campus centers that work together to provide a place of community and create a culturally rich environment.

Cultural Clubs

Getting involved with one of our many student-run cultural clubs are a great way for you to make connections and find your community. 

Greek Organizations

Diverse social fraternities and sororities such as Gamma Zeta Alpha or Lambda Sigma Gamma can help you form lifelong friendships while serving your community.

Cultural Housing Communities

While living on campus, you can choose to live in residential learning community with others who share your field of study, career aspirations, personal interests or cultural identity.

First-year Residential Communities

Continuing, transfer and graduate Residential Communities

Student congregate in a shared housing space

Juan Vergara

English Major | Spanish Major

Coming to Cal Poly was definitely a challenge due to the disparity in its ethnic demographic. Finding Latinx identifying friends was hard, but through the Multicultural Center, Spanish Debate Team, and Latinos in Agriculture I was able to connect with many people and be a part of multiple inclusive communities. Taking the time to experience and try out different groups and clubs definitely helped me find an environment in which I feel comfortable and appreciated.

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Portrait photo of Juan Vergara