Accessibility Help for Keyboard and Screen Reader Users

Every effort has been made to make this page accessible to users of assistive technologies. The instructions below are intended to help keyboard users and screen reader users with the horizontal menu navigation and the control of the image rotator to have the best possible user experience. Note: JavaScript must be enabled for this page to function correctly.

Horizontal Menu Navigation

This page provides an enhanced dropdown menu under each of the horizontal menu items to include important subcategories. Example: Under Admissions there are links for Applying, Financial Aid, Admitted Students, High School Counselors, etc.

Once you have opened a menu option, you can navigate its subcategories with the Tab or arrow keys. At the end of the menu is a “Close menu” option which will close the menu and take you to the next menu option. If you accidentally tab past the close menu option, it will also take you to the next menu option. Pressing the Shift + tab keys will allow you to reverse tab through the menu items.

Image Rotator

This page has an image rotator that rotates images with their corresponding stories about Cal Poly. Depending on the screen reader (JAWS, NVDA, Voice Over, etc.) and on the type and version of the browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.) screen reader users may experience continuous interruptions while reading the page each time the rotator image changes. When the rotator image changes, regardless of where you are on the page, the screen reader may announce the article that is visible.  Example: July 1, 2012, etc.
To avoid such interruptions, it is recommended that the screen reader user pause the rotator.  This can be done at the start of the page by selecting the “Pause rotating stories” link to the right of the “Skip to Content” link.   Once in the rotator, the Previous and Next Article buttons can be used to rotate through the stories.
A “read all stories” link has been added to the rotator to allow users to view and read all the rotator articles on a single page. 


If you need assistance, please contact the Information Technology Service Desk at (805) 756-7000 or email them at  Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We continue to make every effort to ensure our web sites are compliant for users of assistive technologies. Please send any accessibility feedback on this page to