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Top 5-Star Ranking on Best Colleges List

Cal Poly is among the 34 top public and private universities in the nation, according to Money magazine.

Cal Poly achieved a 5-star rating on Money magazine's 2023 Best Colleges rankings, along with 33 other schools including such Ivy League universities as Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Columbia.

Cal Poly was among seven top California schools — and the only California State University campus — to receive 5-star recognition. The others are California Institute of Technology and Stanford University, both private research institutions, and four University of California campuses: Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego.

More than 90% of Cal Poly graduates are working full time or in graduate schools within a year. Students go on to earn median salaries of just over $85,000 in their early careers, a premium over similar schools, according to Money’s analysis. Rankings were released in late June.

Cal Poly is also included on five of what Money calls its Popular Rankings, six categories that include top public schools, regional (West, South, Northeast and Midwest) schools and best acceptance rates.

Cal Poly continues to build on its reputation as a top-value university that regularly receives favorable rankings and has high demand for its graduates from industry.