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Top 10 Best Surf School in the Nation


An hour and a half north of Santa Barbara, the San Luis Obispo coastline—while often overlooked in the shadow of more well-regarded, more crowded stretches of coast to the south—offers an abundance of less crowded (though colder) surf breaks. The CPSU campus is a 15-minute drive from Morro Bay, and within striking distance of a smattering of quality spots like Pismo Beach, Cuyacos Pier, and Avila Beach, each offering top-notch surf when conditions align. Meanwhile, more adventurous, crowd-averse surfers will find the coast between San Luis Obispo and Big Sur can heap rewards on those who combine ambition with proper planning.


Located between the Pacific Ocean and the world-class vineyards of the Edna Valley, Cal Poly’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences is one of the nation’s most prestigious undergraduate agriculture programs, and—if you prefer a nice pull from a snifter over a keg-stand—offers a B.A. in Wine and Viticulture. Cal Poly also offers degrees in engineering, mathematics, architecture, and business and entrepreneurship, with business administration being the most popularly chosen major. As the second largest land-holding university in California, Cal Poly also owns 3,200 acres of land outside of Davenport, CA, where students can take advantage of educational and research opportunities in Santa Cruz County. Meanwhile, surfing is embraced as more than an extracurricular activity at Cal Poly, as an on-campus shaping bay serves as a classroom for students who wish to learn to mow their own foam in exchange for college credit.

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