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Student Achievements

Amusement Park Club Wins National Honors

The club wowed Ride Engineering Competition judges with the jungle-themed entry, winning overall and technical writing categories.

The Cal Poly Amusement Park Engineers and Designers club (CAPED) claimed first place at the Ride Engineering Competition in mid-April, where they won overall and technical writing categories.

“This competition helped me see behind the scenes of the whole amusement design process, something I’ve always been passionate about,” said Tim Jain, a mechanical engineering master’s student and project manager for CAPED’s Ride Engineering Competition team. 

The Ride Engineering Competition prompt for 2023 asked teams to design, engineer and manufacture a section of a roller coaster of a certain size that could run for six continuous hours without an operator.

CAPED’s Jammin’ Jungle ride features a ladybug-shaped car with room for four Starburst candy chews, representing riders, that follows a winding steel track from the top of the forest to the bottom as it tries to avoid getting eaten by monkeys swinging from branches