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What Can We Do Better Together?


We connect you to the next generation of learning doers—smart students who help you as interns, part-time staff, summer employees, and, eventually, new hires. Let our Career Center know your staffing needs.


From classroom-based projects that give business leaders new perspectives to faculty-led research in materials and methods, Cal Poly can collaborate with your in-house innovators.


Leading thinkers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and inventors speak on campus—not to mention performers, artists, and designers. Maybe hear alumnus Russ Angold speak on “Bionics: Merging Man and Machine,” in the Kennedy Library’s Science Café. Or come to the Performing Arts Center for a three-day guitar festival. Keep an eye on campus events that will inspire you and your team.


Consider how your business might collaborate with our student- and staff-led service projects, from a village water project in Thailand with our student chapter of Engineers Without Borders to tracking monarch butterflies here on the Central Coast. Service Learning takes learning outside of the classroom by having students participate in service to the community. These experiences allow students to apply course content to real world situations.