SLO HotHouse


The Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides students with the opportunity to create start up companies thorugh programs such as the Hatchery, Hackathon, and Acceleration. Students use resources at the SLO Hot House in downtown San Luis Obispo and gain insight from various mentors provided through the Orfaela College of Business.


The slidehows below shows a glimpse of Haley Pavone's company called Pashion Footwear. She is the CEO of a successful company that she started during her time here at Cal Poly. She shared her ideas and plans regarding financial investments, protoypes, and future goals.

Haley Pavone, fourth year business major and CEO of Pashion footwear spends most of her
time working downtown at the SLO Hot House. Photo: Serena Thadani With such a busy schedule, Haley creates “to-do” lists to manage her time efficiently. “I feel
accomplished when I can cross more than one thing off my list at once” said Haley. Photo: Serena Thadani “Advertising is key” said Tyler Unbehand, a fourth year business major. Haley and Tyler take
advantage of every opportunity to get people excited about Pashion Footwear. They hand out
business cards to anyone that stops by their office at the SLO HotHouse. Photo: Serena Thadani Haley has been featured in many of Cal Poly’s CIE newsletters. She won the annual Hackathon
and received a check for $15,000. “I am so humbled to have won the Hackathon, the $15,000
really helped us create our prototypes and develop the company” said Pavone. Photo: Serena Thadani Haley presents her investment plan to her mentor, Seiji Van Bronkhorst. They discuss their first
financing round and strategies to improve the plan. Bronkhorst shared that Haley and the
Pashion team have “taken their professionalism to a new level” as they work with future investors. Photo: Serena Thadani Many students pass this bulletin board everyday in the business building. It inspires them to pitch
their start-ups to their mentors and take advantage of what the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has to offer. Photo: Serena Thadani Haley reviews her plans of how she is going to create her prototype with drawn out pictures and diagrams. She has had to go back to the drawing board multiple times, but is confident in her current prototype. Photo: Serena Thadani Haley shows off one of the very first prototypes created for Pashion Footwear. She shows how her product works and the improvements she’s made since then. “I think it is something every woman
needs in her closet, I can’t wait to see all my friends wearing them around SLO” said Pavone. Photo: Serena Thadani “We went from having one style to three different styles, I think the advertising will be more
enticing if there are different styles” said Pavone. “Pashionista”, “Goddess” and the “Girl Boss”
are the three different prototypes that Haley and Tyler are currently working on. Photo: Serena Thadani The Nash Family donated money to Cal Poly’s CIE department, which is what helps fund the programs offered to students. The laboratory is now named after them and has given students opportunities to create and design products that turn
into million dollar businesses. Photo: Serena Thadani


Sammi Tucci, second year entrepreneurship major, shares how Orfaela College of Business has provided her with the resources needed to be a successful entrepreneur. She has utilized her mentors and looks up to them as a role model. They have helped her develop skills that will be useful in not only the business world but in other industries as well.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship?

Annie Murphy, Carly Auerbach, and Chloe Fischer provide insight on why they chose entrepreneurship and how it has helped shape their goals for the future. They shared how the the opportunities that OCOB has given them and how they plan on taking advantage of their years left at Cal Poly. They feel that this program is broad enough to where the knowledge can be applied towards any field of study.


The infographic shares different statistics for Cal Poly's College of Business. The different statistics show admission and acceptance rates and the ranking of OCOB nation wide. It also provides information on what the graduates from the College of Business are doing now. Entrepreneurship is meant to educate students in every aspect of the business world and emphasize on the ideals and practices that go into having your own company and start up.

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