The Cano Lab


Current Research


Petroleum Exploration

Our current efforts involve (a) defining key microbial communities that can serve as indicators of fossil fuel deposits. The methods include community fingerprinting (TRFLP), metagenomics, and quantitate PCR assays.

Microbial Diversity Studies

Our current efforts include developing and implementing molecular assays for the detection of methanogenic and methanotrophic communities in sediments and groundwater. These studies are part of our Petroleum Exploration and Bioremediation efforts.

Ancient Microorganisms

Our work in this area includes recovery and growth of amber entombed microorganisms. Yeasts, bacteria, and  actinobacteria have been recovered, as well as DNA from viruses. Our studies focuses on the isolation and characterization of novel natural products (e.g., antibiotics)  from ancient microbes. Other work has included analysis of DNA from tissues of "Iceman" found in the Swiss/Italian Alps.

Metagenomics of Milk

Our work in this area includes isolation, sequencing and characterization of microbial DNA from milk in order to characterize “healthy” milk as well as those milk samples with propensity to spoil or cause disease.

Environmental Biotechnology Institute

The Environmental Biotechnology Institute at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is the premier resource for advancing biotechnology on California's Central Coast. Through research partnerships with major corporations, local laboratories dedicated to biotechnology, and cooperative learning experiences that involve students from around the world, the EBI is building momentum toward being a regional powerhouse in biotechnology.

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Last Edited: April 24, 2009