Occasionally referred to as the "Cal Poly Philosophy Club," POLYHYMNIA actually arose from the ashes of that former organization to replace it as the "official" ASI club devoted to the act of philosophy. POLYHYMNIA "followers" frequently meet to philosophize, either at a house, downtown, or in some fabulous natural setting. Polyhymnia, the muse of the sacred hymn, is one source of inspiration for the club members. When pictured, she is always veiled and contemplative, her unspoken thoughts a symbol of hidden mystery. To stumble upon the thought that transfixes her--that is our impossible goal.

As an organization that devotes itself to encouraging philosophical thought, POLYHYMNIA offers the following resources:

The best list of philosophy resources on the Web

The Cal Poly One-Stop research page

The POLYHYMNIA picture album

POLYHYMNIA announcements

Here is a list of members who are on the Web:
Dan Benveniste
Dave Horacek
Jennifer Taylor

Though this is a short list, we also keep a mailing list of more than 50 members, who regularly get information on POLYHYMNIA meetings and activities, as well as other philosophy-related events around San Luis Obispo. All you need to do to get on our mailing list is to mail Dave and tell him to send information to your e-mail address.

All members with WWW pages who want to be listed here should do likewise.

If you have further questions about POLYHYMNIA you can also ask Dave.