The Master College Chef

The Journey

The journey follows three unique college chefs around the kitchen in attempt to discover their individual techniques that make them master college cooks. It is amazing that they have all been able to find themeselves to some extent through food. They each demonstrate such passion and enthusiasm for the food they create and show that incredible talent through their dishes. Cooking brings positivity to each of their lives and has been a central part of finding who they are in college.

As all artists do, Haley Hansen, a third year nutrition major and vegan college chef values her workplace to a great degree. She says, “It’s not much beauty wise, but it is where I do my favorite thing in the world-cooking! It is peaceful and my music playing in the background allows me to get in touch with my spiritual sense at the same time.” Between school, meetings, work and social events, cooking is her way of escaping the real world for a while. “It’s like I’m free from all obligations since it’s something I choose to do”, she added. 
Got kale?
Hansen explains how Kale has become her most recurrent ingredient in her meals. “If you take a look at my Instagram, almost every post has kale in it. It tastes good in everything and is incredibly easy to cook!” she said. 

Tofu is a staple ingredient in Hansen’s diet as it is the primary way to insures she gets all her protein for the day. It is one of those ingredients that makes her feel extra energized and nourished throughout the day. Seasoned with paprika, turmeric, salt and pepper and thrown on the grill for a couple of minutes, Hansen has herself a quick yet tasty mid-day snack. 
After overcoming an eating disorder in high school and feeling horrible about herself, Hansen turned to God for direction on improving her self image. Not only was she able to become a healthy weight, but becoming vegan showed her that carbohydrates are necessary in any diet. She expresses that sometimes it’s hard to to go out to eat, but ultimately in the end she realizes that not everything is about eating anyways. “If my friends are all going to be somewhere, regardless of the food, I’ll be there! I eat to live rather than live to eat”, she said. 

Philip Goodwin is a master’s student studying the politics of agriculture. Over the years of his college education, food and cooking opened up many doors he didn’t previously imagine. “When I was a freshman, I snuck a toaster oven, crock pot, mini grill and blender into my room. Students from down the hall would follow the smell back to my room and often times it lead to sharing my creations with them.” Being an awkward freshman, with little social skills, Goodwin was not only to make many friends, but also open up and get rid of his long standing shyness through talking about food, his great passion. 
Goodwin decides to create one of his all time favorites, apple pie. He always gains special attention when he tells people how he creates the whole made crust. “I use about a half cup of vodka to make the crust extra flaky and crisp”, he told me. He learned the basics of the recipe from his grandma, and the decorative and artistic parts from his mother. He explains how he was fortunate to grow up around such strong female role models because they were able to instill a great passion of theirs in him.

Goodwin shows off his all-in-one apple corer, slicer and peeler. As a college student he explains that you need to be able to maximize time by multitasking while cooking. By using this tool, he is able to get perfect circular apple slices that look as professional as a high end bakery. “It’s probably the coolest thing I own”, he joked. “It saves about forty minutes of tedious work. The best part is that it was twelve bucks!” he added. 
Forty minutes after the pie was placed in the oven at 425 degrees, the air smelled of intense cinnamon and sugar, and the timer went off. Goodwin took the pie out of the oven and gasped as the looks of it matched the wonderful smell. The best part was it also tasted just as good. He got up close to see how the top layer of crumblee caramelized to perfection. Every step in the process mattered to get the pie to turn out this great.
Rachel Del Toro-Gipson is a 4th year nutrition major and food enthusiast, she jokes with her roommate Sophia Kalen about their cooking fiasco last week where they, “Almost burned the who place down. Desperate to not repeat her last experience, Rachel begins to prepared her famous oatmeal banana cookies.
Rachel encouraged viewers to follow her Instagram and blog called viva_la_veganista, in which she explains how to create yummy recipes like this one! She used oats, blueberries, vegan chocolate chips, bananas and almond milk to create this mix. 

After fifteen minutes in the oven, Rachel cut the bars in little squares to have as a quick protein filled snack throughout the day. Later Rachel announced that the next step in her cooking endeavors is to obtain a joint MBA and food science master degree at Chapman University. She commented, “My end goal is to work for a company that makes really cool vegan snacks and my masters is the next step toward obtaining that goal. I’m so excited to have gotten into my dream school”, she added.

Rachel's Story

Rachel Del Toro-Gibson explains how eating vegan impacts her daily routines for the better. Along with her desire to connect veganism to her culture, Rachel strives to eat a healthy diet. She explains to significance behind portion control and easy substitutions to maximize on daily vitamins and nutrients as well as staying full throughoout the day. As a college student, Rachel understands the difficulty of planning healthy meals throughout the day, but she explains with pride and determination, anything is possible!.

Food Perspectives

Three different Cal Poly students are excited to explain their favorite parts about cooking in college. There is so much to love about being independenet and making your own food choices. In college, many students decide for themselves that they are going to eat vegan or incorporate a different style of eating into their lifestyles that they had not done previously. College is an exciting time for many things, and discovering how to cook is one of them! .

Real Food Talk

It can be difficult to know exactlt the types of food that are best to fuel are bodies and the portions of them that should be consumed. This graphical representation analyzes which foods and quantities should be consumed everyday. Real food talk also provides a couple of tips and facts about food consumption in America.