Group News

  • Welcome to the Group new "official" members Henry Mull, Duncan McLarty, and Jerry Phan!
  • Great Job at the Frost Symposium 2017 Emily Wearing, Thomas Lin, and Henry Mull!
  • Another great summer of Research, funded by the Bill and Linda Frost Fund
  • Welcome to the Group Rachel Sigurdson and Stephanie Wong!
  • Great showing at the Frost Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium, congratulations to all of the presenters!
  • Looking forward to our first summer of Research with Thomas Lin, Daniel Sanderson, and Lindsey Patrick
  • Our first reaction is underway! A double addition of a Grignard reagent to an ester... Classic!
  • Welcome to the Group Daniel, Emily, Lindsey, and Rachel!
  • Renovations are under way in 52-D10