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Stay sane in the world of college with these tips on mindfulness and stress relief.

Read below for the best ways to be mindful including exercise such as yoga or hiking, time management techniques such as napping and effective scheduling, and creative outlets such as art.

Spark Yoga

Spark Yoga located on Foothill Blvd in SLO is a hot yoga studio. Yoga helps relieve stress and is a good source of exercise. Hot yoga is effective because it allows your body to warm up quicker and your heart rate to increase faster allowing for higher bloodflow.

Some Like it Hot (Spark Studio, 10/9/2017)
Spark Yoga is a hot exercise studio located at  suite 111 in Foothill Plaza on Foothill Boulevard in San Luis Obispo. The studio was founded in 2013 by Steph and Nick Young with hopes to give the entire community a safe place to become connected with themselves and explore their mind and body in a non-judgmental and encouraging space. Athletes of every age practice at the studio to relieve stress, achieve balance, and increase wellness every day of the week. Hard at Work (Spark Studio 10/9/2017)
Spark employee Sarah Wooton is diligent in her practice to re-stack weights in-between classes to maintain a clean environment. Steph prides her herself on having a hot studio that is hygienic. These weights are used in wide range of classes which are available to take at the studio for cardio based exercise like barre and sculpt to build strength. There is also a variety of meditative yoga classes to take including Hatha and Vinyasa. Molly O'Brien Yoga vs. Mental Health (Spark Yoga Studio 10/9/2017)
“Yoga has become not only my passion, but my lifestyle. My whole life I've struggled with anxiety and depression, so finding yoga was a blessing. Yoga has provided me an outlet to calm my anxiety, a supportive community, and a way to grow towards self acceptance and self love,” said third year liberal studies major Madison McManigal. She received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in her hometown of Aliso Viejo in the Summer of 2017 and began visiting Spark in San Luis Obispo to keep up with her practice when she returned to Cal Poly in the Fall. Molly O'Brien Sculpting the Future (Spark Studio 10/9/2017)
Steph teaches classes and runs the inner workings of studio including managing employees and responding to clients. Her husband Nick takes care of the finances. Steph has been a certified instructor  for years and has a talent for knowing how to motivate her students during this extremely popular but challenging “Sculpt” class. Molly O'Brien Steph’s sculpt class is popular enough that it is full to the limit of capacity during every session. This position “chair pose” aims to strengthen the legs, arms and core. The studio has become a home for members of all ages to come together and reach to achieve the best version of themselves through group exercise and meditation. Molly O'Brien Sky’s the Limit (Spark Studio 10/9/2017)
This pose, one legged downward facing dog, is a powerful pose to practice as a group in unity at Steph’s sculpt class. The classes are not meant feel like a competition but instead foster a strong sense of support for each other. The opportunity to form new relationships with other Spark community members is always present. Molly O'Brien A Journey of Patience (Spark Studio 10/8/2017)
“Yoga has brought an incredible community of people into my life...It’s a community that is inclusive, not exclusive… Although I am a teacher I am always a student. It’s a journey. We never stop learning and growing. It’s taught me to give myself grace and to be patient both on the mat and off the mat,” said Spark instructor and student KJ Jones. In her advanced practice she demonstrates a modified wheel pose which takes a significant amount of time and discipline to achieve.  Molly O'Brien Instructors Nan Cole and Victoria Kromhout share an intimate moment of friendship after Victoria’s Vinyasa class. The teachers at Spark are extremely encouraging and enjoy sharing practice in each other’s classes to gain new ideas for their own teachings. The positive relationships they have with each other can be felt by students in their own classes. Molly O'Brien Safe Space for Mindfulness and Growth (Spark Studio 10/8/2017)
The studio has grown significantly since its foundation in 2013. The space is expanding into the adjacent Foothill Plaza suite this upcoming January 2018 when this wall will be knocked down to create a bigger space to accommodate the growth of all of the new community members that have joined in the last few years. Molly O'Brien Weight of the World Lifted (Spark Studio 10/9/2017)
A 10:30am sculpt class ends, leaving students feeling sweaty and satisfied with their hard work. “My roommate inspired me to start coming every day after she would wake up super early to do classes at Spark. Before, I had thought she was crazy. Now, I also come every day,” said fourth year liberal studies  major Stephanie Egger. Molly O'Brien

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