Europe 2000

Here are some pix from my trip to Europe this summer with my dad -- I can tell you're excited!



We stayed in Gaiberg, Germany for three days with my dad's friends from his Army days.

01 Traude Larsen, Frau Muller, and Frau Dimmel

02 Frau and Herr Kress, Traude's parents

03 Bob Larsen, Traude's husband

04 Me and Jeffrey Larsen, Traude's son



Next, we visited my maternal relatives in Colwall, Worcestershire, England.

05 Inchmahome, the family homestead -- the original Inchmahome was a Scottish castle, now in ruins

06 Me with my Great-Grandfather and Great-Uncle

07 Dad, under a very appropriate sign

We then went to London to join our tour group for the remainder of our journey.

08 Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace

09 London Bridge



The mainland tour really began in Holland, where we spent 2 nights in Amsterdam.

10 The Rijksmuseum

11 A street performer who spooked one of our fellow travelers

12 Our hotel, the Jolly Carlton (yes, my family secretly owns the world!)

13 This plaque on a house in Monnickerdam indicates that Jews were hidden and saved from the Nazis there in WW II

14 A real, working windmill! I climbed to the top, much to Dad's chagrin

15 Frank and Jo Coley at our dinner in Volendam

16 The newlyweds, Te-Ali and Phyllis, with our tour director Marianne



We zipped through Germany on our way to the Alps.

17 A castle overlooking the Rhine

18 Heidelberg Castle



Across the Swiss border, we marveled at the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

19 Our lunchtime stop at a waterfall

20 Silly tourists trying the Alpine horn at Mount Pilatus, which overlooks Lucerne

21 Me playing in the snow atop Mount Pilatus

22 Some of the gang enjoys cocoa at the peak

23 Yet more of the gang taking the world's steepest tram down the mountain

24 A long-distance view of Mount Pilatus

25 The Alps!

26 One of many frogs that decorate Lucerne



Just stopped for lunch -- it's a tiny little country, y'know!

27 Dad in front of a map of Liechtenstein



Due to a lack of talent, Dad and I forgot to take pictures in Austria.  Just trust us, Austria is cool.



We spent almost a week in Italy, catchin' all the major venues.

28 29 30 31 32 33 The major sights of Venice

34 35 36 37 Our tour group got in gondolas and took to the canals

38 Dinner at Rome got a little rowdy…

39 …as several of the women were forced to do the macarena

40 Dad made his triumphant return to Trevi Fountain

41 The inside of St. Peter's Basilica

42 A fashion-challenged Swiss Guard

43 44 45 The Roman Colosseum

46 The ruins of the Roman Forum

47 Our second Rome dinner, out at a vineyard, was slightly more tame (till the booze set in)

48 The Santa Croce in Venice

49 Me in front of a statue of Dante

50 Il Duomo, the famous domed church of Florence

51 Group cheerleader Ashley with her "famous" hat

52 What Italian trip is complete without the Leaning Tower of Pisa?



Sadly, cameras aren't allowed in the casinos, so we didn't get much here.

53 The palace of Monaco



France was the last part of our journey before returning to London to catch our flights.

54 That's right, we also own a hotel in Lyon

55 A view of the hills surrounding Lyon

56 Sacre Coeur, which overlooks Paris from the north hill

57 These crazy old-timers sang for us at dinner…all American tunes, with creepy French accents

58 59 60 61 Again, the wine set in and dinner became chaos

62 Nighttime at the Eiffel Tower

63 Notre Dame cathedral

64 65 Views from the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower

66 Victor, Jason and I enjoying the view

67 Dad outside I.M. Pei's famous entrance to the Louvre