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Linda Vanasupa

Professor and Chair

Materials Engineering Department

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

phone: (805)756-1537   FAX: (805)756-2299


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Spring 2005 Office Hours:


Wednesdays, Thursdays 9:10-10:00 AM




For Students

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For Faculty

Embedding Sustainable Thinking Into Curricula: Practicable Steps from an Engineering Perspective (presentation at the Education for Sustainable Future, 10/22/04)

Curricular Roadmap for Integrating Environmental Issues into Engineering Curricula

Curricula For A Sustainable Future: A proposal for integrating environmental concepts into our curricula (a paper from the Materials Research Society Spring 2004 Proceedings)

Instructions for Laboratory Notebooks

The Math of Measurements Series by L. Vanasupa and H. Smith

These experiment modules were presented at the Materials Research Society Spring 2001 Conference.  They focus on developing the fundamental skills required to make decisions based on measured data.  The topic of the modules is oxidation of silicon wafers.  However, the principles can be applied to any process.

PDF File Format

Module 1-Assessing the Precision of Your Measurement System

Module 2-Assessing the Stability of Your Measurement System

Module 3-Quantifying the Variation within a Sample

Module 4-Assessing the Stability of a Process

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