Barrio Logan Brew

Microbrew Mecca

San Diego, California is home to hundreds of amazing microbreweries, fueling high quality beer just for you. We hope you stop by our neighborhood in Barrio Logan and try some unique brews.

We Never Brew the Same Beer Twice

We are very fortunate to have some of the widest varieties of produce, and being so close to Mexico, we have access to so many different ingredients. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables or botanicals we change our beer lineup with the changing seasons using only fresh ingredients of what is available during that time. We partner with Yakima Valley Hops to get the freshest and most high quality specialty hop leafs.

We never look back at the beer we have made before, but rather we look forward, seeing what no one has attempted yet.

Our lineup of seasoned tequila barrels

We age our beer in seasoned tequila barrels from Jalisco, Mexico, producing unique and beautiful flavors.