The Nightcap


Comedy is everywhere, and now it's here at Cal Poly.

"The Nightcap" is a comedy show made by students for students. Here is a little bit about us and what we do. We hope that you'll support us, or even better, join us!


A day in the life with our new host, Arlo Rudy. He likes to eat food, drink coffee, get work done and meet with the team.

Arlo Rudy, psychology third year and the new host of The Nightcap, walks to Pita Pit because “he can’t be a person without food.” 
5:45pm Pita Pit, San Luis Obispo
The masters wrap his cheesy chicken caesar pita. 6:00pm Pita Pit, San Luis Obispo Arlo’s first bite into his pita is a good one. He has all 16 of his units on Mondays so he’s always famished after the long day.
6:01pm Pita Pit, San Luis Obispo 
“It’s beautiful,” says Arlo.
6:07pm Pita Pit, San Luis Obispo
I start to ask him a question and his phone vibrates. Looks like it’ll have to wait.
6:10pm Pita Pit, San Luis Obispo
A smiling Arlo after I give him crap for ignoring me the first time I tried to ask him a question.
6:10pm Pita Pit, San Luis Obispo
“I have a sweet tooth,” I say after our pitas. “Let’s go get coffee,” says Arlo. Not quite, but it’ll do.
6:20pm Scout, San Luis Obispo
Arlo makes a few notes for The Nightcap meeting later. Tonight they’re pitching live pieces for the show, something they haven’t done much before which they hope to implement more. 
6:25pm Scout, San Luis Obispo
Because there’s only parking on Slack, we walk the rest of the way to the meeting.
6:50pm Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
As we enter he says he wished the meeting was in the UU instead of Constructive Innovations because they don’t get kicked out in CI and meetings always tend to run late. 
7:00pm Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
“Only post the picture if it’s cute,” says Jessica Christiano who works as a writer and producer for The Nightcap. 
7:05pm Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
A team member makes Arlo laugh. “Comedy has a way of bringing light to issues that if looked through other lenses would appear very heavy handed,” says Arlo. “As a people pleaser I take tremendous pleasure in making other people happy.”
9:30pm Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Interviews with the team

Team members from the Nightcap share their favorite parts about being a part of the comedy group. Put your cursor over every beautiful face and click the cirlce to see what their favorite part is about being on the team.


Why Students Love "The Nightcap"


Here is a what a day setting up for show looks like.

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