The Final of Four Years
The Last Quarter

5 for Life

A typical game for senior forward Zach Gordon as the defensive linchpin for the men's basketball team.

End of the Road

Hannah Gilbert has been one of the most crucial players on the women's basketball team since her freshman year. But all of that's coming to an end as the senior finishes up the 2016-2017 season.

Pro or No?

College athletes are leaving school as early as possible in many cases. Between football and men's basketball and everything in between, college sports make nearly $1 billion per year. But the athletes don't see the profits of their labor for the NCAA or the schools in their daily lives. Should they be paid like professionals or not—and instead keep "amatuer" status?

NBA Journey

Former Cal Poly guard David Nwaba made school history in February by becoming the first Cal Poly player signed to an NBA team. The Los Angeles native went from wearing Kobe Bryant jerseys as a kid to playing on the same court he ruled for the purple and gold Los Angeles Lakers.