Cocktail Month

Welcome to SLO County Cocktail Month 2018!

This event is designed to bring together local restaurants and craft distilleries for a tasty month long collaboration. Please vote for your favorite featured cocktail over the month and join us on October 8th to award the winning distillery and restaurant duo with a copper pot still! There will be live music, delicious bites, and incredible cocktails. 21+



Co-Owner Stephen Kroener pouring the whiskeys in the tasting room for customers. Many of the product labels have hand written batch and bottle numbers to emphasize the small production. Photo Credit: Alice Neary Assistant Distiller Jeff Thomas hand bottles the LIT, a white wine aperitif fortified with a neutral brandy distilled on site. Neutral brandy is an unaged grape based spirit which are sourced from the two owners wineries that originally started them in the alcohol industry. Photo Credit: Alice Neary Jeff Thomas hand labels the LIT bottles. “We are looking for a good product every time, not consistency. This means each batch might come out a little different,” explains Jeff Thomas. Photo Credit: Name Krobar stills are made entirely from copper, then jacketed in steal. Copper is a softer metal that allows the spirits to interact and purify more during the distillation process. Photo Credit: Alice Neary Bourbon sits in heavily charred, small 5 gallon barrels to mature in flavor and color after distillation. For a new distillery, waiting the traditional 5-15 years for a whiskey to age is impossible, so they use small barrels like these 5 gallon ones to help speed up the process. Photo Credit: Alice Neary The owners traveled for years searching for the perfect still set up before settling on Vendome. They ordered custom built column stills to allow them to infuse spirits, such as their gin, with botanicals during the distillation process. Photo Credit: Alice Neary Krobar Craft Distillery Co-Owner Joe Barton checks the progress on a new rum resting in cognac barrels in Paso Robles, CA. This will be the first ever batch of rum the distillery has done. Photo Credit: Alice Neary The spirits are all distilled, aged, and bottled by hand on site in a small facility connected to the tasting room. The operations are miniscule compared to large name brands such as Jameson or Jack Daniels. Photo Credit: Alice Neary Customers Samantha Stauch and Nicole Cooper taste through the lineup. “It was cool to understand what we were drinking and learning about the process at the same time,” says Nicole Cooper. Photo Credit: Alice Neary


Watch Stephen Kroener, owner of Krobar Craft Distillery in Paso Robles, talk about the development of this event.

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Participaiting restaurants & distilleries

Restaurants - Distillery

Luna Red | Krobar
Guiseppes | Re:find
Flour House | Azeo
Granada | CalWise
Fish Gaucho | Wineshine
The Hatch | Red Soles

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