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Why you should never stop learning

For the photographers that didn't know that they had to learn business to be successful, and the game designers who didn't plan ahead on learning psychology.

This site is all about learning what you did not know you should know.

A Hackathon

Welcome to SLO Hacks, a prime example of unique application of learning. It is 12:00 P.M., Feb 3. Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin This is a 24 hour coding spree where students try to create the best code, apps or websites for corporate sponsors. The competition begins at 1:00 P.M. Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin Just for an idea of the culture, 8.5 hours in students are playing Smash. Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin This is the Surf Rider team at 2:50 A.M. Their idea is to create a website that scrapes weather data to find the perfect surf spots. Coding meets recreation, meets money, if they add in google ads to the equation. Their Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin This is SLO maps, at 3:00 A.M. This team has clued into a problem on campus: no one knows where anything is. So they use graphic design to create icons, GIS to map the campus and input different locations, and an augmented reality program to visualize it on your phone.  Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin When the awards come around at 4:00 P.M the next day, the winners used their knowledge of current issues to bring home the bacon. They designed an app that helps people in food deserts shop together so they all get healthier food instead of thriving off of refried junk food. Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin Didn't know what a food desert is? It's an urban area with limited access to good food, and about 2.2 percent of US households live in one. Now that you know, you can use that in your next project. Or not. It's really up to you. Photo Credit: Aidan McGloin

A Matter of Common Sense

I hung out at Dexter Lawn to see what students didn't expect to take. To be fair, half of the people I talked to didn't say they had learned anything they didn't expect. These three had stories to share.

From left to right, art and design junior Hannah Travis, mechanical engineering sophomore Nic Rasmussen, and construction management senior Tony Quintero. Click on their image to hear them speak.

Hannah Travis is an art and design junior who learned marketing to help her with her photography career Nic is a mechanical engineering sophomore who learned techincal writing to help communicate with his coworkers Tony is a construction management senior who learned entrepreneurship to help him lead a construction team

Musical Arguments

This is Donna, they have an incredible sound. I met them at the Battle of the Bands back in February. I chose them randomly, actually I chose them because they were the first band with a set, but they brought some insight into the technical aspects of music beyond beats and snares.

Scientific Arguments

Interdisciplinary Education for Genetic Counselors



This website was designed by Aidan McGloin, a journalism student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of careers. He also did it to pass a class.