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Student Chapter of AFE

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California Polytechnic
State University
San Luis Obispo

  Welcome from AFE Cal Poly SLO!

  Now I know what you are wondering:
    What is a Facilities Engineer?
    And to that, I say, What isn't?

 Facilities Engineers focus on design, construction, and life-cycle maintenance of all sorts of installations. These installations could range from civil work projects, roadways, office buildings, airfields, etc. The engineering aspect involves all facets of the life-cycle management from planning all the way through disposal. This includes, design, construction, environmental concerns, site operations, and support, or possibly real estate. So Facilities Engineering can apply to a wide range of fields. It draws on quite a large amount of multi-disciplinary backgrounds, so even if you don't think you are one, come give it a shot! Who knows?


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