Campus Life

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Our Campus

Cal Poly’s main campus is located in San Luis Obispo. Total acreage, both main campus and off campus locations, adds up to almost 10,000 acres.

What Do Students Learn on Ten Thousand Acres?

Many things: urban and regional planning, forestry, range management, dairy science, engineering, architecture, marine biology, and even how to enjoy a sunset. Cal Poly land comprises almost 10,000 acres—9,678 to be exact—and it’s divided into multiple places:

  • Main Campus (map)
  • Campus Core
  • Poly Canyon
  • Poly Canyon Village
  • Main campus agricultural units
  • San Luis Creek Ranches, adjacent to campus: 1,614 acres
  • Western Ranches, not contiguous to campus: 3,043 acres
  • Swanton Pacific Ranch, Santa Cruz County: 3,200 acres
  • Valencia Property, Santa Cruz County: 500 acres
  • The Cal Poly Pier at Avila Beach, used for coastal and marine research

Main Campus

Nestled between downtown San Luis Obispo and the foothills, on either side of Brizzolara Creek as it falls toward the Pacific Ocean, the Cal Poly main campus is 1,321 gently rolling, sun- and shade-splashed acres. Within that, the 155-acre, compact and pedestrian-friendly core campus includes: Additional main campus facilities—Poly Canyon and its village apartments, athletic facilities, hiking trails, and agricultural units such as the Equine Center and the Leaning Pine Arboretum—flow into the surrounding 1,000 acres. Things you might discover on our main campus: Visit us to see what words and pictures can’t convey completely.