Web Essentials

Uploading to Central UNIX

Uploading to Central UNIX with Dreamweaver or PuTTY-SSH/Telnet Client :

Configure Dreamweaver or another Secure FTP tool (such as PuTTY-SSH/Telnet Client*) using the following configurations. See a screenshot of the Dreamweaver Site Manager configuration for a quick reference .

  • Host name set to
  • Your user name and password are the same as your myCalpoly login.
    Contact the Service Desk if you do not have an account or do not know your login information.
  • Host Directory or upload folder - Navigate to (or set) the upload folder to:
    This is where you will upload your files. Only pages in the public_html folder will be visible on the web.
  • For Dreamweaver users, check the box for Use secure FTP (SFTP)
System Needs Attention Note for Dreamweaver Users

In the Remote Info dialog, it is important to make sure that “Use secure FTP (SFTP) ” is checked and that “Use passive FTP” is unchecked. See a screenshot of the mentioned dialog box.

Only Dreamweaver MX 2004 and version 8 have the SFTP settings (versions previous to MX 2004 will not work).

  • Upload your files.
  • You can now browse to your page by visiting:
    http://www.calpoly.edu/~username/filename.html or in the case of a virtual host where “username” is your user name and “filename.html” is your uploaded HTML file.
    In the case of a virtual host, browse new files at: http://www.hostname.calpoly.edu/filename.html
Information is Available*PuTTY-SSH/Telnet client available from Cal Poly

A You can obtain the PuTTY-SSH/Telnet client from the My Cal Poly Portal by submitting an SRS (technical services) request.

  • Go to My Cal Poly Portal and
  • Click on Technical Service Request (single click area)
  • Select Software request
  • Create a new request
  • In the Software Title: field type Putty, check String, select All text fields, then select GO
  • Complete the request and download the software

Get help with the software download process by clickng this link

Other FTP clients or HTML editors:

The campus currently supports Dreamweaver for Web file uploads to Central UNIX. Dreamweaver and the SSH Secure Shell client are known to work properly with Central UNIX. However, if using other clients or HTML editors, make sure that they are using secure FTP (SFTP) and not passive FTP.