This is a slideshow showing the life of a gamer. Here, we get an in depth look at what people do while they game and how much focus and time it actually takes. Gaming is a hobby, and like any hobby, requires dedication to hone in on your skills

02/03/17 - source’s apartment - Byron Barrientos. After getting off of work at 3 a.m., Byron logs into his computer where he spends most of his day playing Black Desert Online. 02/03/17 - Source’s apartment - Byron Barrientos - Byron and his guildmates go to different territories in the game to help each other level up characters and gain silver (the currency used in the game).  02/03/17 - Source’s apartment- Byron Barrientos - Byron socializes in the game with a group he joined, known as a guild (sometimes known as a clan in other games). He talks to them through headset or sometimes just messaging. Byron says he doesn’t care that he doesn’t have friends outside of the game, because he has the guild. 02/03/17 - Source’s apartment - Byron Barrientos - Byron tries to use accessories that will help him be faster in the game. His gaming mouse makes attacking and healing. It gets competitive; when you start grinding, you’ll find out - other players try to take your kills and like to troll. It gets annoying but I want


In this video we look at an in depth interview of a gamer; why he enjoys the hobby. Play the video to hear his interesting take on why he loves gaming.


Click on the links in the images to hear each source's response to how they got into gaming as a hobby.


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