Dr. John A. McKinstry, Professor of Sociology

Office: 47-12 Q

Phone: (805) 756-2097

Office Hours

Email: jmckinst@calpoly.edu

Research Interests:

Together with a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching over a wide range of general topics in sociology, for many years Dr. McKinstry has had a special interest in Asia, and particularly in modern Japan. He has long been considered one of Cal Poly's leading experts on Japan, and being both fluent and literate in the Japanese language, is often consulted in matters concerning that society. Students interested in Japan are encouraged to visit Dr. McKinstry during his office hours in regards to class work or interest in visiting or working in Japan.

Dr. McKinstry lived in Japan for several years and taught at three separate Japanese universities, including Waseda University and Kyushu National University, both considered to be among Japan's top institutions. He has also served as Resident Director for the CSU International Program in Japan, a one year study program for CSU students headquartered in Tokyo.

Having been in charge of several study groups in Japan in the past, Dr. McKinstry was selected as a co-director and co-faculty memeber for the initial Japan Studies Program, Fall quarter, 1999. Similar to the London Studies Program and the Thai Studies Program, both of which operate during the Spring quarter, students will be able to take a full load of Cal Poly courses at two locations for the Fall Quarter in Japan, and be home just before Thanksgiving. For more information contact Professor McKinstry in person, or two other people; Professor David Englund in Psychology, or Jan Romanazzi in the Global Affairs Office, 756-2011.

  • Jinsei Annai, Glimpses of Japan Through a Popular Advice Column. M.E. Sharpe. 1991. (co-authored with Asako McKinstry)

  • Who Rules Japan, The Inner Circles of Economic and Political Power. Praeger. 1995. (co-authored with Harold Kerbo)

  • "Fortunetelling in Japan." Manqajin, May, 1995. (article)

  • Compatative Cultures: Japan, McGraw-Hill, 1997 (co-authored with Harold Kerbo)

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