Dr. Barbara E. Cook, Professor of Anthropology

Office: 47-12C

Phone: (805) 756-1322

Office Hours

Email: bcook@calpoly.edu

Fieldwork in the Fiji Islands 1969

Research Interests:

Dr. Cook's interests are in sociolinguistics, medical anthropology, and the Pacific Island cultures. Currently, she is researching the micro-culture of dog shows, and Cal Poly jargon. Past research and projects include the anthropology of nursing, dialects in the Fiji Islands, and bilingualism and multilingualism in the Fiji Islands.

Dr. Cook is currently the advisor for TESL Certification and is a member of the HIV Awareness Committee.


ANT 201: Cultural Anthropology course description
ANT 360: Human Cultural Adaptation course description
ANT 401: Culture and Health course description
ANT 433: Language and Culture course description
ANT 450: Area Studies: Pacific Islands Cultures course description

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