Curricular Concentrations

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Curricular Concentrations

Criminal Justice

Prepares students for careers in law, law enforcement, corrections, detention, probation, parole and other criminal justice agencies.

Cross-Cultural Studies

Prepares students for careers in a wide range of cross-cultural contexts: international development agencies, public health, intercultural education, and numerous careers overseas in private industries.

Individualized Course of Study

Provides students the opportunity to pursue a course of study which meets their individual needs and interests. It consists of 27 units at the 300 - 400 level. The student selects the courses in consultation with advising faculty and provides a written justification for the courses and how they constitute a cohesive, integrated study. The list of courses is a contract between the student and the Department.


Students learn to apply the general principles of human behavior to the understanding of modern organizations. It prepares them for careers in either business or government organizations.

Social Services

Provides students the general principles of human social behavior and specialized professional courses to prepare for careers in the helping professions such as social work and counseling.


With additional coursework as prescribed by the University Center for Teacher Education students may pursue coursework leading to the Multiple Subject Credential for elementary school teachers or the Single Subject Credential for secondary school social science teachers of history, geography, political science, and economics. Certain courses apply toward a "waiver" program which eliminates the National Teacher Examination requirement for the Single Subject credential. For more information regarding teacher credential programs, please contact the University Center for Teacher Education information.

Environmental Geography

Provides applied skills and a conceptual understanding of environmental topics. Places current problems into global and historical context.

Pacific Rim

Peoples, cuture and political-economic systems of countries in the Pacific Rim. Preparation to work and live with these groups. Understanding of their way of life, values and goals.

Other Concentrations Available

The following concentrations outside the Social Sciences Department are also offered with prior consultation and approval of the Social Sciences Department and the department offering the concentration: Public Administration, Pre-Law, International Affairs or Urban Studies (Political Science Department), Human Resources Management, Management, and International Business Management (College of Business).


Anthropology-Geography Minor

The Anthropology-Geography Minor provides the broadest possible spatial and cultural knowledge of our world. The 30 unit program consists of 12 units of required core courses, in addition to others that allow the student maximum flexibility in tailoring training to a wide variety of specific occupational needs. Many majors may find this minor of special interest, especially those planning teaching careers in History, Political Science, and Liberal Studies, or those interested in international aspects of agriculture, economics, or business. Please contact Dr. Patrick McKim for further information.

Sociology Minor

The Minor in Sociology provides students with a broad understanding of contemporary society in such areas as international social-economic-political structures, emerging technology, changes in medications and the impact of these patterns upon specific communities. Please contact Dr. Barbara Mori for more information on this minor.

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