Careers for Social Science Graduates

The Social Sciences Department provides a broadly based orientation to the study of society. Students prepare for a wide range of careers including elementary and secondary teaching; federal, state and local government; social service agencies; criminal justice including law, probation, parole and law enforcement; and business and industry.

For more information on careers and employers, visit Career Services in the Student Services Building 124. Our College of Liberal Arts Advisor, Jill Hayden, is available with valuable information regarding job search strategies, on campus interviewing, jobs fairs, and current job listings.

Below is a partial list of typical employers and job titles that represent many areas in which Social Science majors are employed. Graduates from any of the concentrations are encouraged to consider all of these options as potential avenues of employment.

Employers of Social Sciences Majors

City, County, State and Federal Government Agencies,
Colleges and Universities
Communications and Broadcasting Organizations
Contractors and Consultants
Corporations and Manufacturers
Foundations and Research Organizations
Health Care and Public Health Organizations
International Organizations
Law Enforcement Agencies
Museums and Cultural Organizations
Nonprofit Organizations
Political Support, Influence & Management Groups
Religious Organizations
Research Groups
School Districts
Social Service Agencies
Trade & Professional Associations

Job Titles for Social Science Majors

Administrative Assistant Career Counselor Clinical Social Worker
Community Relations Specialists Correctional Officer Corporate Legal Assistant
Crisis Intervention Specialist Cultural Resource Manager Deputy Probation Officer
Elementary Education Family Counselor Field Archaeologists
Human Resource Representative International Relations Specialist Law Enforcement Officer
Personnel Specialist Public Affairs Officer Secondary Education
Social Work Coordinator Technical Writer Youth Care Worker

Stop by Career Services or the Social Sciences Department for an extended list of careers.

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Last updated April 15, 1999.