Sigma Omega Nu was chartered on November 6, 1996 and is the first Latina Interest sorority ever to be founded at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. This organization grew directly out of the Little Sisters of Nu Alpha Kappa program. The eight Latina women who formed the sorority felt a need for a strong latina voice on the Cal Poly campus and sought to create an organization that would fulfill this unmet need.

Founding Mothers:
Lina Medina
Yesenia Hueramo
Nadia Quiñonez
Nancy Ruiz
Landi Hueramo
Christina De Sanchez
Sarai Sequeria
Zulema Gonzalez



Sigma Omega Nu's foundation was built on academics, cultura, and sisterhood. Some objectives are to strengthen cultural, personal, and educational goals while promoting moral, academic, and family support. Through mutual support and encouragement Sigma Omega Nu instill the importance of education and academic success in the college environment.



Since the creation of Sigma Omega Nu the founding mothers have struggled to provide an outlet for women. Together members have worked hard to inform the community on the importance of Latina/o issues. The sisters have participated in various Youth related programs in addition to other community service programs. Members of Sigma Omega Nu hope to obtain the support of all women by being positive role models. Members strive on creating supportive and lasting relationships with each other. The sisters of Sigma Omega Nu will continue to stress high commitment, professional and social ethics, as well as their dedication in continuing their exemplary commitment for a strong sisterhood.

Friday, September 22
WOW Club Carnival
Cal Poly Campus

September 27 through
October 7
Fall Rush

Saturday, November 4
10 Year Anniversary
San Luis Obispo