SEDE Survey Methodology

1. Database of California Post-secondary Schools with Architecture and Landscape Architecture Programs

Using the Internet and school directories, a database has been constructed of all California community colleges and universities offering post-secondary courses in sustainable design. In addition, known programs with established sustainable design curriculum will also be contacted. For each institution, the contact name, web address, and details about their program will be collected. This information will be used to distribute the web address for the "Educator's Survey".

2 Database of Professional and Industry Organizations related to Architecture and Landscape Architecture

In a parallel track, a database of professional and industry organizations has been compiled from the Internet and hard copy reference sources. Further investigation into the mission statements of these organizations is being used to determine their current awareness of sustainable design.

3. Survey form

Schools and industry groups will be surveyed via the Internet using a web form.

4. Respondents

The web address will be e-mailed to participants with a request to complete the survey. If no action takes place within a reasonable period of time (2 weeks), an e-mail reminder will be sent. If no response is received within one week, participants will be contacted by phone.

5. Data Analysis

Statistics will be compiled using Excel and Filemaker Pro.