2.3 Greening the Curriculum at Cal Poly - SLO


Sustainable Design Curricula at Cal Poly - SLO

  • EDES 406 Introduction to Sustainable Environments
  • EDES 408 Implementing Sustainable Principles
  • EDES 410 Advanced Implementation of Sustainable Principles
  • EDES 420 Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse in the Built Environment

  • ARCH207 Environmental Control Systems I (Building, Site, and Climate)
  • ARCH307 Environmental Control Systems II (Passive Design for Small Buildings)
  • ARCH407 Environmental Control Systems III (Low Energy Design for Large Buildings)
  • ARCH413 Built Environment Education Program (BEEP)
  • ARCH447 Design Regulations (also listed as CRP 447)
  • ARCH472 Housing Design Concepts
  • ARCH477 Environmental Assessment and Green Building Rating Systems (Fall 2004)
  • ARCH481 Senior Design Thesis - Sustainable Design

  • LA114 Landscape Analysis and Planning
  • LA213 Site and Terrain Analysis
  • LA321 Concepts in Environmental Decision Making
  • LA481 Visual Resource Management Methods

  • CRP211 Cities: Form, Culture, and Evolution
  • CRP212 Introduction to Urban Planning
  • CRP 214 Land Use and Transportation Studies
  • CRP 215 Planning for Multiple Publics
  • CRP336 Sustainbility Indicators
  • CRP 436 Collaborative Planning
  • CRP 438 Pollution Prevention and Control


ARCH - Architecture Prefix Courses
CRP - City and Regional Planning Prefix Courses
EDES - Environmental Design Prefix Courses
LA - Landscape Architecture Prefix Courses



1 May 2004

 §   Sustainability @ CP

Sustainability-related courses and degree programs at Cal Poly-SLO

Students can take clusters of courses, called minors or concentrations, that combine with their major program of study to emphasize sustainability. Examples are listed here,

• Cal Poly-SLO
Courses university-wide with sustainability content. Sample syllabi, exercises and other material are posted here. ALL courses (syllabi, etc.) >>

• Agriculture
Land Rehabilitation Minor
Rangeland Resources Minor
Soil Science Minor
Water Science Minor

Earth and Soil Sciences concentrations in environmental management, environmental science and technology, land resources, and land and water resources.

• Architecture + Environmental Design
Environmental Design Minor
Sustainable Environments Minor (pdf)

Architecture program with course work senior thesis studio on sustainable design and courses in environmental control systems.

Landscape architecture program with concentrations in environmental design and regional landscape assessment. Proposed curriculum flowchart (pdf)

• Liberal Arts
Anthropology-Geography Minor
Ethnic Studies Minor
Values, Technology, and Society Minor

• Science and Mathematics
Biotechnology Minor
Environmental Studies Minor (pdf)